Mohamed Al Hashemi

In 1966 Mohamed Al Sharif Al Hashemi started his first company in Saudi Arabia, while still completing his education. With that same drive and determination of his youth, Mr Al Hashemi has nurtured the young company, Sara Trident, into what is now the Sara Group of Companies; one of the largest, and most respected FMCG and Luxury groups in the GCC.


Although semi retired, Mr. Al Hashemi still maintains directorship over the group of companies from Dubai. With the characteristic warmth and integrity many have come to know him by, Mr. Al Hashemi continues to meet with people in his office on a daily basis, always keeping up with the happenings of his personnel, business, and market activities.

The exceptional care and attention he demonstrates in Sara Group can also be seen in his other activities. As a keen investor in the real estate market, Mr. Al Hashemi can regularly be found touring his properties, always meticulously ensuring labor and safety standards are met, while personally seeing to it that his tenants and staff are well looked after. A perfectionist at heart and in practice, his uncompromising standards have served him well in his nearly 50 years of business.

As a well respected UAE citizen and active community member, it is not uncommon to see to see Mr. Hashemi at most UAE events and activities; he is not only passionate about his legacy with Sara Trident, but he is also deeply passionate about the legacy of his hometown, Dubai and his home country, UAE.

Shames Al Hashemi

Shames Al Hashemi has been involved in all aspects of the Al Hashemi family business from a very early age.


Shames’ robust experience includes FMCG distribution, International Supply Chain Management, Operations, and Advertising & Brand Management; as the eldest son, Shames has assumed numerous leadership roles spanning across the GCC holding companies, including franchise operations in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Additionally, Shames has successfully spearheaded the company’s foray into direct investment in the luxury industry. In his current role as Executive Director he is in charge of strategic business development and global investments.

Shames utilizes his strategic vision and superior management skills to maximize growth potential in the existing portfolio, while carefully monitoring the company’s oversees expansion. Shames is also able to leverage his strong links to Europe and family ties in the United States to achieve the group’s long term goals.